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costruzione piscine torino benessereMore time for yourself, more calm and harmony, getto a better shape: these are the distinctive elementsof the new concept of wellness. This concept reallyis a new life philosophy, like a new richness sourcebased on psycho-physical balance and aimed to reacha new vitality.Wellness is the essential requirement to live better, toregain the harmony at the base of any form of balance.Balance starts from rediscovering oneself and growsthrough development of synergies between body andmind.Wellness is a “Market” strongly and constantly growingbecause there is a strong request which arises fromthe general research of a better quality of life andmore time for oneself.
In a hotel, a fitness centre or a recreational centre itis possible to create a space really effective to fightstress and improve psycho-physical health.
Acqua blu offers items, systems and accessories forwellness and can help you design and build thewellness centre more suitable for your needs.With the know-how they have experienced in thepast years, they are now able to build completeWellness Centres, starting with saunas, steam bathsand solariums and arriving to the most innovativesolutions such as caldarium, natural vapour grotto,ice falls, sudarium, Turkish Hammam and showerswith tropical rains or cold fog.Acqua blu can take care of a whole project: from theinitial draft to the final project, from the inside furnishingto final turnkey delivery.

Design and construction of wellness centers and SPA, production of saunas, construction of Turkish baths, creation of emotional showers, Kneipp, accessories for wellness …… and much more for the domestic and public swimming pools.

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