Acquablu Company designs and builds pools since 1995. That’s the first of so many reasons to trust us!

The whole process of realization is developed to guarantee the best result:

  • Experience first of all, we have realized pools for 20 years
  • Hundreds of installations in Italy and all over the world
  • Ecellent references in various sectors
  • Accurate, detailed and personalized design with a inner technical study
  • Choice of certified materials and components of reliable quality
  • Direct control on production, materials of the last generation
  • Established building process, made by employees
  • Quick, efficient, tested building process
  • Accurate and efficient after-sale assistance
  • Certainty of an important group

Your dream in the best hands!!!


The building of a pool made of reinforced concrete represents the most traditional and long-lasting technology, suitable to satisfy easily even the more particular demand of planning and design. Essential when you want to make a inner coating with tiles and a mosaic, it is recommended also with a PVC coating.  Pools made like this can also be “painted” with specific mixtures made of different types of resin, which better resist to chemical agents and to wear and tear.

Prefabricated Structure

The building of a prefabricated pool represents a quicker, cheaper and adaptable technology, suitable to satisfy easily even the most particular demanda of planning and design.
Single parts (panels), to build the pool with the form that you prefer, with a right or rayed profiles, all build with materials of the last generation, earthquake proof certificate and with a self-supporting technology for a solid pool tailor-made designed.

Natural pools

We design and realize pools and elegant small lakes, technologically advanced, unique in their design, customizable in details and shapes. Our pools are real natural pools, made of materials such as quartz and pebbles and in shapes that can remember small lakes or ponds. This way you can enjoy the pool at any time of the year. In winter, when not in use, the natural pool will be an elegant ornament that doesn’t need any type of covering, transforming itself in a little lake.


Tecnologie Impiantistiche di Acquablu

Infinity pool or a skimmer?

Choosing a infinity pool means to chose a solution that will make the pool as a uniform mirror flush with the contour, that seem to lose and integrate itself with the surrounding context. While choosing the skimmer means to trust a easier situation constructively, with the traditional opening along the poolside that let us grasp how water will be purified. The difference between the two solution, besides the aesthetics is the working of the water recirculating system which is decisive for the cleaning of the pool. The function of the recirculation system is to get back the water of the pool, send it to the filtration, disinfect it and then put it again in the pool.

Pools with overflow gutter system or cascade

The water of the pool flows into a perimeter channel and from this it goes into a tank, called “overflow tank”. From here it is then sucked by the filtration installation and then it’s sent to the pool. The cleaning of the surface turns out to be definitely superior to the skimmer system, the stratum of water on the surface, which is always the most “polluted”, is quickly and constantly purified. Moreover, the “mirror” effect, that it creates, is of a great visual impact and the pool seems to be wider. The infinity pool is a more complex system than the skimmer one and it is more expensive. Pools with overflow edge have got a possible variant with “cascade” used in a context with a sloping terrain or on terraces, with a side that seems to let water slide in the horizon.

Pools with skimmer system

kimmers are opening along the poolside which collect water and send it to the filtration system. After a mechanical filtration and a disinfection, the water is introduced again into the pool through pump outlet. The skimmer system is very simple and that’s why it’s so common. But we should remember that the aspiration happens only through skimmers, which therefore must be placed correctly and in a sufficient number to avoid stagnation areas and the risk that leaves or other floating objects may not be eliminated quickly from the surface of the water.


Technologies to coat pools of Acquablu

  • Ceramic coatings or glass mosaic

    This type of coat, in particular the glass mosaic one, gave to the pool a more elegant and of great prestige appearance, it is the traditional coating since the time of Roman baths.
    You can coat this way only basins made of reinforced concrete conveniently waterproofed, because the mosaic or the tile don’t constitute a barrier to the passage of water.
    Compared to other ceramic coatings, the glass mosaic gather the natural beauty of glass, reflected especially in the shininess of the material and in the variety of colors and of compositions, with the possibility to adapt to curved surfaces and with characteristics that make it a highly hygienic material, apt in the application for wellnes centers, spa, gyms, offering, moreover, a null grade of water absorption that makes it apt to humid spaces.
    Ceramic coatings or in porcelain stoneware represent a material of undeniable high qualitative level, revised and adapted according to specific technical and aesthetic needs demanded in this type of projects. A wide range of special traditional pieces together with a line of special prices that let us offer evident aesthetic and practical advantages during finishing touches.

Rivestimento piscine in ceramica
  • PVC coating of pools welded in place

    All new or already existing pools can be coated with a membrane made of soft P.V.C. composed by two sheets paired in a homogeneous way and including a weave of polyester, the result is a armed liner 1,5 mm thick, that has an exceptional strength and a good stability; moreover a anti-mold and anti-bacterial treatment and also against the action of ultraviolet rays..
    It is placed in working with heat-welded and it guarantees the impermeability of basins whatever their shape or dimension is. Perforated liners can also be employed in factory which can be put without welding. Cleaning is very easy at the continuity of the tarp and it’s excellent also for its resistance to frost.

Rivestimento piscine in pvc
  • Resin coating of pools with natural effect

    Resin, especially for its characteristic impermeability, is apt for pools, both inside and outside. Using highly technological composites of epoxy resin you can coat pools giving a absolutely natural appearance that requires a low maintenance, because the surfaces of resin don’t stain and have a exceptional resistance over time.
    The most exclusive and prestigious pools are built with this technology because they allow the application of coatings that give elegance to the context in which they are, guaranteeing a natural integration with the surrounding environment.