Costruzione piscine torino taddei


Swimming pools

Pool is a basic element for gardens; water and gardens together have a very old tradition: from theHanging Gardens of Babylon to the gardens of theAncient Egypt, up to the gardens of Ancient Rome

The pool is also a recreational and attractive elementin holiday villages, water has always been a basicelement of holidays and relax.Pool means health in terms of swimming and watersports in general, as well as hydrokinesitherapy andthalassotherapy.Nevertheless, pools in Italy are still quite unpopularand they are often built adapting other variousconstruction technologies, to the detriment of qualityand specificity of pools.
Acqua Blu has a team thinking, drawing, designingand building pools; they have been working togetheron pools for more than twenty years and they havedeveloped the specific building technologies for thisvery particular construction field.The common decisive element for all Acqua Bluproposals is quality of any single component, expresslyconceived and designed for its special function insidethe pool structure.

Swimming pools design and construction, prefabricated swimming pools, customized pools realization, turnkey realization pools, pool accessories …. and much more for the domestic and public swimming pool.