Interactive and magic curtains


Historically, mural representations have been communication and representation elements. Through a combination of water and light, these representations will be revalued in an innovative and interactive way. The effect introduces new technologies, providing the ability to represent shapes instantly, interacting with a digital tablet. Multitude of geometric combinations, organic figures, and texts have their place within the concept of “Interactive Curtain”, where you could draw and create anything you want using water and light. Due to the force of gravity, it is important to highlight that the appropriate height should be between 4 and 6 meters. Interactive Curtain effect is perfect as an advertising support. One of the most innovative, stunning and amazing effect, is what is created by the “Magic Curtain.” Multitude of water droplets are suspended in the air, defying gravity. The technology used in this ornamental system allows controlling the movement of water, and deciding the direction of the drops, either up or down, or even completely floating in the air. This magic and intriguing effect acts defying the laws of fluid dynamics, capturing the attention of all eyes. It is ideal for being located in an interior with a dark surface behind.