realizzazione fontane


Ornamental fountains – From planning to realization

The fountains and water games have always been an element of enchantment and wonder, which embellish the environment and give it a special charm. Acqua Blu designers thanks to their experience and professionalism can find the most effective and functional solution to ensure charm and splendor in the fountains, water games and outdoor lighting.
The solutions proposed by Acqua Blu have a strong aesthetic and emotional impact, offering a show of forms of lights and water that attracts the attention of the public. The commitment to detail, both aesthetic and constructive, has allowed us to create fountains perfectly integrated with the surrounding context and architecture, becoming a fundamental part of urban furniture.
The Acqua Blu designers follow all the stages of construction of our systems, from design to testing and subsequent maintenance, operating in compliance with the latest safety and quality standards. For all plants are used unalterable materials such as stainless steel, bronze, brass, copper. This ensures reliability and a long life cycle at the fountain, ensuring low maintenance of the system.