Acquablu plant design and installation

Acquablu S.r.l. works in the area of architectural plant design since 1995. Our work consists of planning, construction, installation and maintenance of water treatment facilities, heating and air handling for pools and sport facilities, solar heating, water handling facilities in theme parks, fountains and choreographed water features.

realizzazione fontane

Fountains and water features

Acquablu for over 20 years design and builds fountains and choreographed water features of the highest technological level and of big emotional impact.The company, follows straight all the planning and productive phases of the realization in private sector and in urban fabric works.


Irrigation systems

The garden is the first piece of furniture for houses or for touristic buildings. To assure you a green lawn and always flourished plants, the essential is a right watering.
Acquablu, thanks to its products, offers you the best solutions for an automatic watering and for water transport. We have got the right solution to water every type of garden.


Water treatment facilities

Acquablu with its installation lets you treat water for any type of use. For the bacteriological aspects, so the elimination of bacteria in water, we install sterilization installations ultraviolet rays or sodium hypochlorite dispenser. For the turbidity we install water filters with a washable net and quartzite filters. For the abatement of the hardness we have got a lot of types of water softener.


Heating and ventilation

Thermoventilation is a modern, economical and functional way to heat the environment, distributing warm and clean air in the sport facilities. In fact it is very advisable for sport, hotel and commercial applications.
When it is combined with renewable energies it represents a valid way to reduce running costs of covered installations.