The history of our company.

Acqua Blu was born in 1995 from the will of twoarchitects with various experiences in the field ofwater treatment and sport-centres design. The firstyears of activity are mainly focused on interventionson household pools.In year 1998 start interventions on public swimmingpools and in year 1999 the Acqua Blu plant is movedinto a larger building, suitable for staff and toolingincreasing. In year 1999 an overseas job order for thebuilding of a 4000mq swimming pool in a holidayvillage is the beginning of a growing activity in tourismand wellbeing fields.Going on with its activity in this field, the Acqua Blucompany has specialized in wellness systems and hasexperienced research, tests and cooperation withcompanies leading in the production of specialtytechnologies.The productions most featuring the company presentdayactivity were born after this experience. Theyare design and building of wellness centres and centresfor seawater therapies.

In these special fields, the company is presently ableto carry out all special systems as well as supply andfit swimming pools, saunas, Turkish Hammam,treatment-pools, revitalizing showers, systems forchromotherapy, pools for vascular therapy and allwhat needed for the treatments presently used.Their activity with private clients goes on successfullyas well: building and maintenance of every kind of“household” pools with a modern and efficient technicalorganization as well as “home wellness” activity offeringsaunas, Turkish Hammam, “Jacuzzi” water massagepools and all the tooling necessary for body care.The Acqua Blu staff features experience as well asgreat passion for their job, innovation and researchfor always new and more efficient solutions.The fitting of the Acqua Blu products is alwaysperformed by their staff and never committed to anyother craftsmen or subcontractors, in order to givetheir.